Thursday, November 10, 2011


I am using the beautiful Artwork of Keith Garvey 
 You require a license to use this artist. Now selling at PTE 
Font: Pieces of Eight
PTU Scrapkit Pearl Of The Carribean by Hungry Hill 
purchase this kit and many other fabulous kits from her store  
 This Tutorial was created using Corel's Paint Shop Pro®
 with the understanding that you have a working knowledge of this program.
 (I used PhotoX3 but you should have no trouble recreating it with earlier versions of PSP) 
 Open a new image 600 X 500 transparent 72dpi 
 open and resize map mask 80 % place onto the tag 
open and resize globe by 60% paste as a new layer
 ***Or Drop n drag from layers pallet onto tag** 
 close all original elements without saving.
 open and resize frame-snapshot 50%  now using your selction tool set to rectangle
 trace out the frame add a new raster layer drag this layer beneath frame 
 now open and copy paper 3 paste into selection on the new layer you just made
 keeping the selection active I used Garv's Peel image i just mirrored copied and
 pasted as new layer selections invert then delete. 
 open and resize moss by 80% mirror and place on right side
 I added a drop shadow V=0 H=1 O=59 blur 4 color black. open and resize stash box 30% 
open Garv's Pirate girl 2 resize by 90% drop shadow V= -4 H=3 O=63 blur 7 color black.
 Move her around till she's almost center to the frame behind her but you can still see other girl,
butt her foot up against stashbox. Open and resize starfish first by 30% then again by 40% 
place onto the tag open and resize shell 4 first by 30% then again by 40% place onto the tag
open and resize ship in a bottle by 15% place onto the tag drop shadow those 3 elements
 V=1 H=1 O=100 blur 4 color black.
 open and resize scroll and book by 25% place onto the tag
open and resize parrot 2 by 25% place onto the tag.
 drop shadow these two with V= -2 H=1 O=100 blur 4 color black.
 Added my font Pieces of Eight black outline stroke width 1 #7e6236 R=126 G=98 B=54 for the color placed at the top merge all flatten. That's it your done!~

This tutorial was created Nov 08, 2011
Any similarity to any other tut is coincidental and completely unintentional.
Please do not copy or upload this tutorial to another website.
 You may share the link to the blog or the tutorial page directly.
 ☼XtenzivImage☼ 2011 -All artwork used remains the copyright of the owner.

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